Out of Two Rivers and on to 101!

Bridgett and her team left the Two Rivers checkpoint at 8:48 pm after resting for about five hours (of the mandatory 22). She left with all 12 teammates and is currently climbing up “Rosebud” on her way to the 101 Roadhouse. Rosebud Summit is a 3,640 feet peak in the White Mountains.  It is the first of two mountains the teams must summit on their way to the finish line. This will be one of the most physically challenging portions of the race for Bridgett, so send her all the good vibes and prayers you can! This will test every ounce of her recovery to this point.

The team looked full of energy when they left the Two Rivers checkpoint.  Fortunately, the team has been able to train on many parts of the trail in Two Rivers so that is providing some comfort for the teammates who are new to racing.

The handler crew (Scotty, Allen, Jen, Karolyn and Lisa) are about to head up to Mile 101 checkpoint to meet Bridgett there. They all then carry on to Central and Circle City checkpoints. It may be a while before you hear from us again since there is rumored to be no internet on the trail this year.  But we will do what and when we can to keep you updated. If nothing else, we will have a lot to catch up on!

Please keep an eye on the Summit Quest 300 Facebook page and website with live tracking to keep abreast of what’s going on and to enjoy some of the amazing photos their team is capturing. Check out Allen’s review for Bridgett of the upcoming section of trail. Here is an elevation map as well to show the challenge ahead.

Challenges to come as discussed by Bridgett and Allen