Central Update

At 11:40 pm the team rolled into Central with all 12 dogs on the line!

Bridgett said the dogs looked good going over the summit and were still peppy rolling into town.  But they will enjoy their 6+ hours of rest here for sure.  Bridgett is looking forward to her favorite bacon cheeseburger from the restaurant in town… a real treat when you are on a race.  The dogs will also get spoiled by Bridgett with massages, foot rubs, and plenty of hot food and treats.

At the checkpoint she grabbed her burger and managed some sleep herself before starting her leaving routine. Part of that routine is to ensure her hands and feet are warm and her gear is dry.

Just before there was the familiar yipping of excitement from Flash who really got the team going! She left with Clyde and Bronze in lead. Her motto for today is “one mile at a time!” Let’s go KOAH!

Please see Quest page for potential pics. We are taking them but it uses too much data to post. Thanks for understanding!