How to support KOAH:
Running a dog team is no cheap sport.  The dogs eat tons… literally tons … of food in a year.  Our most outstanding expense is the food we provide for the dogs. We feed them everything from kibble, fish, meats, treats, and everything in between.

We enjoy being able to provide our animals with the comfort needed to be successful.  Just like humans, K-9 athletes require many different types of gear. Some of the gear we provide are jackets, blankets, leggings, harnesses, ointments, salves to massage sore muscles, ointment for paws, and the list goes on. 

Booties are our athlete’s protective foot covering.  “Boots” allow them to travel miles and miles without getting sore toes; they are an essential and required part of mushing.  There are many general expenses from sleds and equipment, race entry fees, dog immunizations, dog houses, and even each purchased collar.  

We often get asked how individuals can support our dream and be part of the team. We are currently updating our sponsorship opportunities and will let you know shortly how to become part of KOAH. You may give General Support of any amount via Venmo. Click or scan the link below.


If you or your business are interested in partnering and becoming an official sponsor with KOAH, please contact us at

More than even monetary support (as helpful and wonderful as that is), we’d love for you to follow along and enjoy the team and celebrate their accomplishments.  Please pray for us as we are training and on our journeys.