The Summit Quest 300 started at the Pleasant Valley Store in Two Rivers at 11 am. Bridgett departed in the 18th position at 11:53 AM AST.  Joining her for the race is Sanka and Bronze in lead dog position, Gold and Pull-up in Swing.  Team dogs include Clyde, Hercules, Brute, Flash, Burpie, and Munchie. Pulling up wheel is Wonder Woman and Sparta.  The excitement and energy from the team were palpable!  This was is the first race for 8 of our 12 team members!  They handled it like their seasoned champ counterparts.  A total of 18 teams started the race under crystal clear skies with temperatures hovering around -12!

Their first checkpoint is just about 100 yards from the start at the Two Rivers Community Center, but 40 running miles from the start. Teams will make a large loop around the Two Rivers area to make up the miles lost by moving the start to Two Rivers.  We expect Bridgett and her team at this checkpoint around 4 PM.  The KOAH Team will have 22 hours of mandatory rest in the checkpoints plus a few rest while on the trail. So if you see the tracker stop don’t worry it is just the team resting on a longer run!  

For the Summit Quest 300 official race tracker, go to

Stay tuned for race updates as we receive information from our dedicated dog handlers on the Summit Quest 300 trail. 

Bridgett and Allen discuss Two Rivers trails