Bridgett Watkins’ journey spans from the heartland of Arkansas to the rugged wilderness of Alaska, where she discovered her passion for sled dog racing and a life intertwined with the spirit of the Last Frontier.

Born in Arkansas, Bridgett’s family set out on a daring adventure when she was just six, trading the familiar for the unknown landscapes of Alaska. The stark winters and vast wilderness of Alaska quickly became her playground, and her path to mushing glory unfolded at a local sled dog sprint racing event. Fascinated by the speed, power, and camaraderie of sled dog racing, Bridgett and her family decided to dive in. Soon, they acquired their own sled dogs, and weekends were spent at the Alaska Dog Mushers Hall, where she honed her skills, competed fiercely, and tasted the sweet victory of sprint races.

Her passion and dedication propelled her through the ranks, from the early days with a couple of dogs to commanding a full team in the 6-dog classes. At just 13, Bridgett represented Alaska in the Arctic Winter Games, clinching gold and silver medals in the fiercely competitive 5-dog race.

Life’s journey took her back to Arkansas for college, where she earned a degree in nursing, but her heart remained firmly rooted in Alaska and the exhilarating world of dog mushing. Anchored by her marriage to Scotty, they spent years in Nome, where Bridgett immersed herself in her families legendary SP Kennel, a powerhouse in the sled dog racing community.

Her dreams soared higher, aiming for the pinnacle of sled dog racing—the Iditarod. Yet, fate had a different plan, blessing her with motherhood just as the Iditarod beckoned. Bridgett embraced this new chapter wholeheartedly, raising her children while nurturing her passion for sled dogs.

Even as she juggled nursing and motherhood, Bridgett never strayed far from the sled dog trails. She stood steadfast at SP Kennel’s side, witnessing their triumphs and championships, including her father’s remarkable victory in the grueling Yukon Quest and her step-moms successes in the Iditarod.

In 2018, a new chapter unfolded as Bridgett and Scotty founded Kennel on a Hill, a testament to her enduring love for sled dogs and the SP Kennel legacy. With a new generation of puppies descended from SP Kennel’s esteemed bloodline, Bridgett’s adventure continued to evolve.

Beyond the sled dog trails, Bridgett embraces Alaska’s wild beauty, relishing moments in nature through activities like berry picking, hunting, fishing, skiing, and even surfing. Her competitive spirit thrives in challenges like Spartan races, where she pushes her limits and embraces the resilience forged in Alaska’s untamed landscapes.

Bridgett Watkins embodies the spirit of perseverance, adventure, and a deep-rooted connection to Alaska—a journey marked by sled dog trails, family bonds, and the relentless pursuit of dreams against the backdrop of the Last Frontier’s wild majesty.